The Story Begins..

Today, as I sat down to write something more, I thought of things more specific for my write up. But things never get clear until a hell is experienced. Everybody sits around calm and steady, while I deal with this tsunami of reactions, thoughts and anxiety for whatever has happened till this day. 

Let go is what they say. But let go does not mean to lose ones own self. They don’t mind if you lose yourself because that is all NOTHING but exaggeration of your own and not theirs anymore.

I always wanted to be the praised one, the best one, the most loved one…but it all has some price with it; NOTHING IS FREE. And once you agree to pay that price, the rates never get any lower instead each time the price raises to an unbearable level. And yet they stay so normal of whatever you lose for them, you have no value of your own but your actions do.

I’ll surely find better words to express once I begin to tell the story of this side of the world. Happy Reading!



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