Emotional Murder

Time flies and we watch it leave us so willingly out of the way. Sometimes we leave time too. It is hard to understand but once experienced, anything becomes possible.
My eyes have seen much, in quite a little time and yet it seems UNSEEN to people around me. I understand that it is not possible for everyone to understand what I seem to understand. Likewise, I may not understand what others quite clearly do understand.
Life has been gambling with souls for quite a time…and there have been no get-aways. “Life is so unfair” ; some might say it quite often but what we all miss out is that we are ourselves so unfair. We are fair only with what benefits us.
The unseen has been so cruel but the UNFELT has been the worse.
Just to avoid more pain, it all mostly remains untold. The unseen can be somehow survived, the untold be bearable but the unfelt can only take a soul away i.e., murder; emotional murder.




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