Eyes Lead to Hearts

When you look at a person, the first thing you unintentionally see is the face (95%) and on the face the first thing to hit are the eyes. They say it all, most people say. But there are some eyes that deceive too.

Let me narrate a little story this time; I visited a slum area for the first time back then, and there was a school meant for the underprivileged. Firstly, I loved the place to bits, and I still do. Secondly, of all the kids I couldn’t decide which kid I loved the most during my visit. But I was sure of one thing, I loved all the eyes who met mine that day. I did talk to some, others just stared or felt shy. But they couldn’t for once, hide their eyes. That one day was the best of all my days for one reason. All the stories, all the feelings and the unsaid words, I could read them, listen to them and feel them right there, right then. And it is not just with me, it would be the same with you if you visit a slum area just for the sake of communicating and nothing else. 

I felt that very day that I have found what I was born for. I could feel all my energy back and my willingness to be at that place for the children, who had their eyes laid on me for nothing but communicating, even if only through their eyes.

That day, I realized what eyes are. And those eyes will forever be engraved in my mind, for they gave me back myself to me.

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2 thoughts on “Eyes Lead to Hearts

  1. You know I have this habit of always looking people right in the eye when I’m speaking to them, like you’ve rightly said that the eyes speak it all. In fact , more than once people have pointed it out to me that it gets pretty intimidating at times and they cannot lie to me because of that . However, i’ll share one of my personal experiences with you here. This one time when I visited this orphanage for physically disabled kids but I just couldn’t look them in the eye you know. I don’t know why I just couldn’t maintain constant eye contact. The same thing happened with me when I visited this place for people who’re mentally challenged. There was this really sweet guy who kept asking me ” Bhalo achi to? ” ( it’s bengali . The English translation to it is how are you? Are you doing fine? ) . He had this big smile on his face ; the kind that will melt your heart as well as make it sink. There’s too much pain in the world . Eyes like that reflect hope ,innocence and beauty too bright to contain.

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