Deceiving Innocence!!

It is about time that we realize what reality we behold in our own selves. It is such a basic, and yet no one pays any attention. Everybody will tell us, life is tough and things happen and we have to survive, but no one knows what to do then and how to. Even our own parents would tell us to be strong through odd times and difficulties shall go away, but have we ever seen them doing it with their own situations? Why lie then?

I feel we all are just deceiving ourselves and our people too. Things go as they have to, and we just follow situations, elders, instructions and what not. Do we ever analyse things on our own? We have to, that is the most logical of all. Following the rules or instructions, is not always the way out. But oh yeah, who would let us buy this, when our own family would make us drag down the same path they walked, because it is the only way; follow instructions.

Sometimes taking risks or letting others live their moments themselves is better for them. I can’t say how much is this true for anyone out there, but it is true for most people in east, and even for most grownups who still have their elders. I am no revolutionist, but I have to survive with my own self too. The war within makes us cut the strings, but there are limits we can’t cross. And sometimes it is the only way to survive, stay attached to strings even if they strangle you to death. We act like such innocent people and let it have us in pieces.

High five to this deceiving innocence which actually kills us even through the good times.



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