The Pain Never Goes Away

She was in bed for hours shedding tears for the reasons unknown to the world outside of her. But the inside world was not helping either. “Why me?”, she asked again and again. There was no response because there was no one to answer. Only silence. She couldn’t interpret her thoughts that rushed and entangled their threads into one another. The air was filled with unanswered questions but silence dominated. Slowly, the silence penetrated into her veins and nerves and blood..

She knew then, she was alone and she had to accept it. It is strange how life makes you do things and then let you learn lessons that are no more required, while facing the consequences on the way as well. To learn, not to execute but only learn after things have happened. Is it fair? Life is never fair.

She whispered into the silence….“What did I do wrong? If only I can make it right.” She closed her eyes and tears rolled down her cheeks. There was nothing left for her in this world now, only tears.



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